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Age 55 - 67

Additional Subsidies for Outpatient Care (MGP)

MG seniors, regardless of income, including those without a CHAS card at the moment.


From 1 November 2019, MG seniors will enjoy an additional 25% off their remaining bill for subsidised services and medications at polyclinics and public Specialist Outpatient Clinics (SOCs).


All MG seniors will also enjoy the special CHAS subsidies at CHAS clinics, as follows.

MG subsidies that MG seniors will receive at CHAS GP and dental clinics
 Common Illnesses Up to $23.50 per visit
Simple Chronic Up to $85 per visit, capped at $340 per year
Complex Chronic Up to $130 per visit, capped at $520 per year
Selected Dental Services $16 Р$261.50 per procedure (dependent on procedure)



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