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Age 68 & above

PAssion Silver Concession Card

A concession card issued to all Singapore citizens aged 60 years and above.

Key Information

The PAssion Silver Concession Card merges the existing Senior Citizen Concession Card and PAssion Card, and will serve as a common identifier for the community and businesses to honour our seniors. Seniors can look forward to Senior Citizen concessionary fares on public transport, in addition to a suite of merchant benefits and privileges. By leveraging on PA’s existing PAssion Card programme, its community network and partners, the programme also enables seniors to continue to stay active, be engaged with the community and live well. This is auto-inclusive for eligble elderly.

Qualifying Criteria/ Age Group

The PAssion Silver Concession Card was officially launched on 4 December 2016. All Singapore Citizens aged 60 and above are eligible for the PAssion Silver Concession Card. Singapore Citizens who are turning 60 on or after 1 February 2017 will receive their invitation pack in their birthday month. Upon TransitLink’s receipt of their application, the seniors will receive their PAssion Silver Concession Cards through the mail within two weeks.

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PAssion Silver Concession Card