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1. Medisave Top-Up (PGP)

Pioneers will receive medisave top-ups yearly, for life. The amount is fixed, depending on the year the Pioneer was born.

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2. Outpatient Care (PGP)

Pioneers will receive additional 50% off subsidised services & medications at Polyclinics & SOC in Public Hospitals

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3. Outpatient Care (PG CHAS)

Pioneers receive Special Subsidies when they visit General Practitioners & Dental Clinics under the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS)

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4. Medishield Life (PG)

Pioneers receive special subsidies to pay for their Medishield Life premium

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5. Annual Medisave Top-ups

Pioneers receive medisave top up for life.

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6. Pioneer Generation Disability Assistance Scheme

Lifelong cash assistance of $100 each month for Pioneers who permanently need assistance in at least three of the activities of daily living.

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