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Comcare Long Term Assistance (Public Assistance Scheme)

A Scheme that provides assistance to elderly and their familes with extreme financial difficulties.

Key Information

The Comcare Long Term Assistance is also known as Public Assistance. The Scheme provides assistance to elderly and their familes with financial difficulties.

Qualifying Criteria/ Age Group

ComCare can assist Singapore Citizens or PRs as follows:

  • elderly persons who receive only a small monthly payout from CPF Minimum Sum/ CPF Life, Pension, Eldershield, Lease Buyback Scheme, and the monthly payout is lower than the prevailing PA rates
  • elderly persons whose children are low income themselves and unable to support their parents. The children must be supporting their own families and each have household income of $1,900 and below, or per capita household income of $650 and below.
  • are unable to work due to old age, illness or unfavourable family circumstances
  • have no means of stable income

Resource Links/ References/ Details

Ministry of Social & Family Development: ComCare Long Term Assistance

ComCare Hotline

1800 222 0000