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Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE)

A programme where you can install items at subsidised rates to make your home more elder-friendly, and improve mobility and comfort for elderly residents.

Key Information

The EASE programme is part of the Home Improvement Programme (HIP), offered from July 2012. Through EASE, seniors can enjoy subsidies of up to 95% to install improvement items such as grab bars and slip-resistant bathroom floors to make it more elder-friendly.

Qualifying Criteria/ Age Group

Singapore Citizen flat owners qualify for EASE if:

  • An elderly member in the household is 65 years old and above
  • An elderly member in the household aged between 60 and 64 years requires assistance for one or more of the Activities of Daily Living (ADL)*

Resource Links/ References/ Details

HDB: Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE)


*6 ADLs

Washing, Dressing, Feeding, Toileting, Mobility, Transferring

HDB Hotline

1800 866 3066