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Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF)

Subsidies for seniors who need assistive devices, home healthcare items, or transport

Key Information

  1. Transport: SMF provides transport subsidies to seniors receiving care at MOHfunded Eldercare Centres and MOH-funded Dialysis Centres
  2. Assistive Devices: This refers to subsideis for items that help an elderly person move around, such as walking sticks, wheelchairs and pushchairs. It also includes things that an elderly person may need at home, such as commodes, pressure relief cushions and hospital beds as well as spectacles and hearing aids.
  3. Home Healthcare Items: Frail seniors who can stay in nursing homes but choose to stay at home and be supported by home healthcare services in their community can get subsidies for the cost of catheters, milk supplements, thickeners, adult diapers, nasal tubing and wound dressings.

Qualifying Criteria/ Age Group

Support for elderly Singaporeans aged 60 years old and above to help them remain mobile and live independently

Resource Links/ References/ Details

Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF)

Singapore Silver Line

1800 650 6060